Bush Construction offers two variations of the Construction Management delivery method: Construction Manager as Agent (CMa) and Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc).

Construction Manager as Agent: In the CMa method, the construction manager writes the trade agreements between the owner and the trade contractors, acting as a consultant or “agent” of the owner. The construction manager also coordinates the work onsite, ensures timely completion, and enforces the safety and quality control programs. This method is best suited for larger, more complex construction projects and is popular on publicly funded projects. The CMa method is most successful when the construction manager is able to assign experienced project and field management staff who are committed to management excellence and client satisfaction.

Construction Manager as Constructor: The CMc method provides strong advantages for owners. The construction manager is hired during the preconstruction phase to work with the owner and architect to provide scheduling, estimating, and constructability services. The construction manager also reviews bids, awards contracts, manages subcontractors, and oversees construction from the start through completion. Bush Construction’s experience in this delivery method, combined with our strong industry relationships, allows us to deliver cost effective and high quality construction solutions. 

What people are saying

"Bush Construction is a premier General Contractor - the best I've worked with in the Quad Cities. They will complete any project with the highest professionalism."

- James D. McCoy, Contracting Officer, Department of the Air Force