The Year of Innovation Continues

At Bush Construction, 3D visualization and virtual reality are bringing conceptual designs to life for clients.

Michael Johnson, Virtual Design and Construction Manager at Bush, said virtual reality allows Bush to extend the client relationship to the preliminary design phase. “We use the technology in every part of our project process from the very beginning, even predesign,” he said.

“Sometimes a client will come in with segments of an idea, but they’re not quite sure what the idea is yet,” Johnson explained. “We can help them through that with preliminary conceptual design, 3D visualization, and virtual reality.”

During every phase of a project it’s essential that the client, the contractor, and the subcontractors are on the same page. “It’s not the owner’s core competency, or responsibility, to understand every single thing we do by looking at a technical drawing. We need to make sure we’ve explained to them, and shown them, what they can expect from us,” Johnson said.

Bush utilizes virtual reality technology throughout the construction phase as well. “Virtual reality is an immersive experience that, as we get deeper and deeper into the construction phase, helps us to understand the building on a constructability level,” he explained. “We can show clients changes to the design before the structure is even built, saving everyone time and money.”

Virtual reality is one technological innovation implemented at Bush Construction. Reality capture is another development that brings the future to clients.

“Reality capture is laser scanning through a 360-degree camera that brings existing conditions, and the building itself, into a virtual model for our use,” Johnson explained. “We can quickly compare the structure to the drawings and share it with the client.”

Reality capture allows the client to look at the progress of their project in real time, and saves hours and hours of measurement time. “The laser scanner can get every measurement you could possibly think of in a very short period of time.”

Virtual reality and reality capture exemplify Bush’s belief in purposeful technological innovation.

“We don’t look at innovation as technology for the sake of technology,” Johnson said. “Innovative solutions can be low-tech or high-tech, we just want to enhance our processes and increase our efficiency.”

Bush Construction is proud to be on the cutting edge of technological implementation in the construction industry. Visit our website to learn more about our current projects and technological capabilities!