North Scott Accepts $4.2M Bid for High School Work

BY ERIC J. CHALUS (NSP Staff Writer)  Posted: Wednesday, August 6, 2014 12:00 pm

Bush Construction will start next week. 

Pre-construction at North Scott High School could begin as early as next week, as the North Scott School  Board accepted a bid from Bush Construction of Davenport on Wednesday (July 30) to renovate the media center, entryway and office area for a total of $4,280,900- about $80,000 shy of its $4.2  million projected cost.

''I think we were all worried that numbers were going to come in too high and we were either  going to have to put the project on hold or spend more money than we wanted to," said superintendent Joe Stutting. ''So when you estimate a project a $4.2 million, and you come within 2 percent, you end up feeling pretty good about it."

Bush Construction's base bid came in even closer, just $10,000 shy of the $4.2 million goal, allowing the district to accept  Bush's alternate bid of $70,900 to include a high-polish terrazzo-finish floor in the construction project.

''I don't think we could have asked for a better result," school board president Paul Dierickx told the board prior to their approval of the bid  ''On a $4.2 million project, $80,000 isn't much of a difference."

Eight companies looked at the project, and out of those eight, the district received five highly competitive base bids, ranging from Bush's $4,210,000 to $4.5 million, including:  Hillebrand Construction, Davenport; Russell  Construction, Davenport; Swanson Construction, Bettendorf; and Tricon Construction Group, Dubuque.

'When we saw all of the bids coming in so close, it gave us confidence that these numbers are accurate," said director of operations John Netwal. "This was a big win for the district."

The district's architect, John Mahon, was also confident that Bush's  bid was accurate.

''I spoke with Jerod Engler at Bush Construction, and he had no problem with their bid, and they felt that they could provide a proper and complete job," Mahon wrote to the board."...We have worked with Bush Construction on numerous jobs and have no difficulty in recommending them for this project."

It will take about a month before construction actually starts, but the bid has been accepted and it is only a matter  of time before students, faculty and staff have to navigate through a construction zone to get to class.

"The high school has been working on their plan all summer, and they are good to go there," Netwal assured the board. "Our next steps are to educate staff and students on what will be happening, where to go and how to act once construction starts."

Signs will soon go up, and the contractors will be working closely with Netwal and district staff to ensure everyone is safe and educated before any construction begins.

''That mobilization period will be the whole first month. After that, things will move pretty quickly," Netwal said

The project will be funded from the district's Construction Escrow Fund

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