Michael Johnson uses his skills to advance Building Information Modeling at Bush Construction

Michael Johnson has been with Bush Construction for a little more than a year, serving as the Virtual Design and Construction Manager. In his role, Michael is responsible for managing and implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM) at Bush.

As a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Architecture with a Masters of Architecture, Structures Option; Michael has used his skills to help our team and clients better visualize space, understand projects, and solve problems due to his expertise in BIM.

Throughout the pre-construction process, Michael is able to use 3D modeling software to design and create virtual models of our projects. This technology allows Michael, and the team at Bush Construction, to gain a more in-depth understanding of our clients’ projects, whether small or large. Not only does BIM help with visualizing the project in the pre-construction phase, but it also gives us the ability to leverage 3D models to quantify and estimate more accurately for our clients.

Aside from heading up our BIM efforts, Michael has also helped to implement new processes and standardize current ones, including the coordination of buildings in the construction phase.

Michael has been managing work with our trade partners to virtually model all building components—allowing us to detail everything from large equipment to pipe valves. Currently working on this method on select projects, Michael is working hard to implement this process into all Bush Construction projects.

In his spare time Michael has also created a Technology Committee at Bush Construction. Working with four other employees, each representing a different role within the company, Michael and his team are exploring new ways to make work more efficient and allow everyday processes to flow easier through advances in technology.

Bush Construction is pleased to have Michael Johnson on board and look forward to his contributions in helping the company advance!

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