Growing Our Service Line

Bush Construction offers a variety of services to meet our client’s specific needs. We’re excited to announce the creation of a new division within Bush Construction that allows us to serve a broader range of client projects and needs.

“The Facility Solutions Group was formed to help develop estimate and budget needs for repeat clients of Bush Construction,” said Dave Jasper, FSG Manager. “The Facility Solutions Group manages a wide range of operations, including maintenance, warranty work and small remodeling projects. We strive to control costs, stay within budget and complete projects in a timely manner for all of our clients.”

The FSG can take on any project from small, minor repairs to larger interior renovations and office buildouts. This new division is now able to serve past, and new Bush Construction clients even if the requested project is small in scope and short in length. 

“What makes the FSG unique to Bush Construction is that we are now able to continue to serve clients whose projects are on a smaller scale than a larger project we may have worked with them on before,” explains Jasper.

Similar to Bush Construction, The FSG will build quality projects and create long-term customer relationships. We work on every client project as if it were our own, and make it a priority to exceed our customer’s expectations every time—no matter the size and scope of their project.

 “Right now we are working on about three to six projects per week, but I see the future of this department being extremely busy,” says Jasper. “We’re able to take care of our clients who are seeking assistance on short-term projects that don’t usually get a large company’s attention, and fulfill their needs. Our clients have a belief that if they choose Bush for their project, that their best interests are in mind, and we’ll give them the best project for the best dollar value. It’s this division’s role to fulfill that belief.”


To learn more about the project capabilities of Bush Construction and the new Facility Solutions Group, please visit our website.