Expanding our Footprint

At Bush Construction, we’re thrilled to be expanding our footprint in our community by growing our workforce. Get to know two of the newest faces of the Bush Construction team—Ken Jorgenson, Project Superintendent and Travis Dean, Project Engineer and Virtual Design Consultant!


Ken Jorgenson

 Ken has been with Bush Construction as a Project Superintendent since November 2015, but has worked in the industry for 27 years.  Working on a project at Pleasant Valley Junior High School, it’s Ken’s main priority to organize the subcontractors on the project while creating the best possible outcome for our clients.

“It’s always my job to do the best job that I can for our customers,” said Jorgenson. “Bush Construction is a great company, and they have a solid reputation for being a great company to work with because we deliver quality on every project. Everyone here works as a team which helps us solidify long-term client relationships.“

The Pleasant Valley project that Ken is spearheading is an eight million dollar renovation at the junior high school, making room for eight new classrooms, a new industrial tech room, multi-purpose wellness room and expanded kitchen and orchestra room.

At this stage of the project, concrete foundations are being poured, and work on the boiler room is starting.

“I’m extremely passionate about what I do at Bush. It’s my job to make our team look good, and continue to foster growth in the company moving forward.”

In his spare time, Ken owns a few rental properties in the area and enjoys remodeling homes.

“My dad was a carpenter, and I enjoy spending my free time working on projects of my own.”


Travis Dean

 Travis is Bush’s newest Project Engineer, joining the team in February of this year. Along with his Project Engineer responsibilities, Travis is also a member of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) department working side-by-side with Michael Johnson on the virtual design of projects.

Travis’ dual degree in architecture and construction management from the University of Illinois—also attending graduate school with Michael Johnson—make him the perfect fit for such a unique role in the growing department. He’s able to utilize his skillset in architecture on the virtual design and BIM side of the business, as well as his construction management knowledge during project implementation.

“I wanted to work for Bush Construction because my background in dual fields aligns perfectly with their building processes, and I wanted to keep my feet planted in the architectural design and BIM services.” said Dean. “My brother also works for Bush, so that’s fun, too!”

Travis enjoys being a part of the BIM team and being able to see plans from the beginning of the project. Seeing the project from the beginning designs helps him to gain visual clarity of what the project is going to be through the construction phase to completion.

“The BIM department is unique to Bush, and the department is growing because we are at the forefront of this technology in the region,” explains Dean.

“Personally, I feel like a high integrity person, and I always want to do the right things in life,” said Dean.  “It’s a big deal to know that Bush takes the same approach in their business model. It make me feel like I truly fit in the company culture here.”


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