Expanding our Expertise

We are proud to hire people who are passionate about the construction industry and serving the community around us. Our team is growing, and seven new construction, management and engineering professionals have joined us. Learn more about the new faces of Bush Construction!

Andy Martens 

Andy Martens is one of Bush Construction’s newest Project Engineers. Andy joined the Bush team after he graduated from St. Ambrose University and spent time working in the construction industry. He’s currently continuing his education at SAU by pursuing a Master’s degree.

“I enjoy working with the Bush team on the variety of unique projects in the region,” explains Andy. “Working on a variety of projects right now gives me the opportunity to experience something new every day. I really see Bush Construction as a visual staple in the community.”

Andy will also be representing Bush Construction at the Mr./Ms. Habitat Annual Gala on October 15, 2016!

Bill Bruce 

Bill Bruce serves as a Project Manager and Project Superintendent at Bush. After joining the Bush team in July, Bill has been leading the development of the MetroLink Multi-Modal Station in Moline. He monitors the quality, scheduling and construction of the project. Bill enjoys the challenges that come with managing construction projects and he is excited to watch Bush Construction continue to grow.

 “I really see Bush continuing to expand and grow, setting ourselves up to have a really great future,” says Bill.

Dave Jasper 

Dave Jasper has been with Bush Construction for four months as the manager of our new Facility Solutions Group. Dave works with clients on smaller, short-term projects, managing and overseeing the day-to-day needs of their projects. This includes meeting with clients, estimating and general project management. Dave’s position at Bush Construction is unique and requires him to have an entrepreneurial spirit. His focus is on our client’s best interests and maintaining positive relationships throughout the scope of the project.

“The Facility Solutions Group brings the opportunity for a challenge for me,” explains Dave. “I’m dedicated to growing and maintaining our client relationships with this new division’s unique identity.”

James Reyes 

James Reyes is one of our newest Superintendents. He is currently working on the Village Cooperative of Crow Creek in Davenport, which is nearing completion. Although James has only been with Bush Construction for four weeks, he’s worked in the construction industry for twenty-seven years. His duties as Superintendent are working with the team to ensure that priorities on his project are accomplished within timeline and budget. 

 “The best part about Bush Construction is the enthusiasm for building our future,” says James. “We want to be a part of the growth, and that is exciting.”

Rene del Fabro 

Rene del Fabro, originally from Austria, serves as a Project Engineer on the Bush Construction team. Rene manages all quality control and quality assurance on his project site in Clinton, Iowa. His background in mechanical engineering helps him to effectively manage his worksite. Rene controls every material and activity on site and ensures they are delivered and performed according to standards. After just six weeks with the Bush Construction team, Rene sees a lot of opportunity and potential for Bush in the industry.

 “Construction companies are not always nimble enough to make the changes they need to adapt in the market,” explains Rene. “What’s exciting about Bush is their ambition and motivation to adapt to client’s needs.”

Skipp Jacobson 

Skipp Jacobson has been with Bush Construction for two months as our Director of Quality and Safety. Skipp is currently working on an industrial manufacturing project in Clinton, Iowa. His role requires him to closely monitor all soil, materials and construction activities to ensure safety standards are met. Prior to joining the Bush team, Skipp served as a National Safety Director. We are excited that he has brought his expertise of safety standards to the Quad Cities!

 “Bush is a growing company that is built on a foundation of integrity,” says Skipp. “For me, integrity means supplying a safe and helpful workplace for all of our employees and subcontractors, where incidents and injuries are prevented.”

Tom Travis 

Tom Travis is a new Project Superintendent at Bush. He is currently working to launch a new project in Sterling, Illinois. As a member of the Bush team for four weeks now, Tom is excited about the ability to grow with Bush. In his free time, Tom is studying to fly commercial drones, which he believes could help Bush in the future.

 “Bush Construction is a young company, and I believe my experience in the industry can help the company grow, maybe evening looking into different expansion opportunities.”


Learn more about the knowledgeable members of the Bush Construction team, and the value they add to our client relationships by visiting our website