Davenport Fire Department has long-standing success with Bush Construction

In 2011, Bush Construction acted as a general contractor for the Davenport Fire Department, building the 13,000 square foot Chief Mark Frese Fire Training Center on the site of the former Wacky Waters waterpark in northwest Davenport.

With the exemplary performance of Project Manager Jerod Engler and Site Superintendent Nick Hecker, Bush Construction was able to impress Fire Chief Bart Howard. Engler led all efforts to ensure effective project communications, and Hecker went out of his way to predict and prevent any field challenges before they arose.

While Chief Howard was originally concerned about the ability to complete the project in accordance with the aggressive schedule, Bush Construction was able to far exceed his expectations. Chief Howard was quick to state that he would highly recommend Bush Construction, and he was pleased to hear that Bush Construction was selected to act as the construction manager for the ongoing Central Fire Station project.

The renovation and construction of the Central Fire Station began this spring and is estimated to be completed in the fall of 2016.