Bush Construction’s Newest Project Managers, Ryan Drapeaux and Brian Wegerer

Bush Construction’s Newest Project Managers, Ryan Drapeaux and Brian Wegerer

As a new project manager at Bush Construction, Drapeaux is excited to start work on Bush Construction’s government-related projects.

Drapeaux’s road to Bush Construction was full of unique experiences. “I was in the Reserves for 11 years,” he explained. “While I was in, and between deployments, I worked to earn my degree in Construction Engineering at Iowa State University.”

His first experience in the industry was focused on industrial engineering. “I worked as a contractor with really large companies but I wanted to develop and see projects through completion.”

Then, the opportunity arose for him to work as an owner’s representative. “Playing multiple roles and seeing both sides of the project, as a contractor and an owner’s representative, was beneficial for me,” Drapeaux said. “I was able to see work from design through execution.”

Drapeaux is proud to be at Bush and feels it’s the right fit for him. “We talked a lot before I was hired,” he said. “I truly enjoy the relationships I’m building with the people here.”

Brian Wegerer, another new project manager at Bush Construction, is excited to work with Bush on the construction side of the industry.

“I’ve been involved in the construction industry for the entirety of my 22-year career,” Wegerer explained. “Until now I’ve been working on the design side of the industry, so when the opportunity presented itself to work with Bush on the other side of the project, I jumped on it.”

The college and subcontractors have been great to work with, but Wegerer said the project has had its own unique challenges.Wegerer is currently working on Phase 3, the final phase, of the Augustana College dormitory remodel. “From the outside, it looks like a mostly cosmetic upgrade,” he said. “We’re putting in new flooring and new paint, but we’re replacing the entire mechanical and electrical systems along with a brand new building envelope.”

“We have a very condensed construction schedule because the buildings are only accessible when students aren’t here,” he explained. “To ensure that time is efficiently utilized, we spend

the rest of the year ordering materials, getting approval from designers and architects, and just trying to prepare as much as possible.”

To Wegerer, the fast-paced environment is what he enjoys most about working at Bush. “I’ve been busy since my first day,” he said. “We have a lot going on and I love when I can get invested in new and existing projects.”

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