Bush Construction Builds Rooms with Extraordinary Purpose

Bush Construction is currently in the process of building a 3,400 square foot safe room at John Glenn Elementary School, which will double as additional classrooms and space for the school located in the North Scott Community School District. 

The construction of safe rooms is part of a Federal FEMA grant for disaster areas, with the purpose of giving area residents a place to go in the case of high-wind events. For the North Scott School District, the safe room is not only a benefit to the rural community of Donahue at-large, but the room will also serve as an additional learning space for John Glenn Elementary students as the school expands their programming.

“It’s a win-win. It’s creating a facility for safety, but it also creates something that our school district can use on a regular basis,” said Joe Stutting, Superintendent at the North Scott Community School District.

Safe rooms are an area of expertise for Bush Construction and are a needed facility—taking an ordinary room in a school and giving it an extraordinary purpose. The safe room at John Glenn Elementary, a pre-cast and concrete building, will include two classrooms, two restrooms, a hallway and a few mechanical rooms that can hold up to 312 people for a two-hour high-wind event.

“We partner with Bush Construction for our building projects and have built great relationships with them,” said Stutting. “Having a good partnership with a company like Bush Construction has helped us produce quality products.”

Building a safe room is a critical project to keep communities safe and Bush Construction is proud to be a part of these projects.

“There are many resources out there from the government, from communities, from different grants and agencies to help a school district fund a project like this,” said Lynn Gibson, Business Development at Bush Construction. “In our relationship with our customers, we get involved in helping our customers find these finance options. We also have great relationships with architects and engineers with this background and we can bring a team together to get the project turn-key and ready to use.”


Bush Construction is proud to be a part of this project, helping to keep the North Scott community safe! Click here for more information on projects that Bush Construction is working on to better our community.