Building a Strong Workforce in the Construction Industry

At Bush Construction, each person holds a unique ability to bring value to our company. It’s our goal to harvest this individual contribution and put each person in the place where they find the most enjoyment in their work.

“There is currently a need for employees in just about every role in the industry,” says Rob Davis, Vice President of Operations at Bush Construction. “Bush Construction is happy to provide career opportunities through apprenticeships, internships, co-ops and our project engineer training program.”

Our commitment to building a strong workforce in the Quad Cities gives us the opportunity to offer careers in the construction industry for a variety of talent. We offer opportunities in the industry for those who begin in apprenticeship programs to those who graduate with college degrees in management and engineering.

 Kevin Mericle, Project Superintendent at Bush, grew up in a construction family. Kevin found his passion for construction while helping his dad on projects at a very young age. He enrolled in a building trades program at his high school, and became a foreman after completing his apprenticeship. One year after that, he was promoted to superintendent.  

Kevin explains, “there’s not many industries where someone without a college degree can get the wages and benefits that you can working in construction. It’s a great life. At the end of the day, you get to see what you’ve accomplished. You get to look over your shoulder as you’re walking away and know what you’ve accomplished—it’s a great feeling.”

Bush also offers a variety of careers for students pursuing college degrees in engineering and construction management.

Ryan Welborn, Project Manager at Bush Construction, encourages those pursuing college degrees in the industry to, “Look for an internship. You’ll gain so much more out of your classes if you take an internship. It will mean a lot more, and there will be more depth.”

Ryan adds, “Construction management is a great career. There’s never a boring day and there’s always something new and challenging. If you like to problem solve, this is a great career for you.”

“Bush Construction is a young, enthusiastic company full of a lot of talent. It’s a lot of fun to work for a company with so many motivated, talented people.”


Whether you choose to pursue a college degree, an internship, or an apprenticeship program in construction, Bush Construction has a career opportunity for you! To explore career opportunities at Bush Construction, please visit our website.