Because Integrity Matters

Integrity is what Bush Construction was founded on, and is the standard that all team members are held to each and every day. So when Bush Construction held its first ever strategic planning session back in May 2015, it was only natural that the “Because Integrity Matters” campaign was born.

“Bush Construction was started with integrity as a core focus,” explains Bush Construction President A.J. Loss. “When asked at our strategic planning session, ‘why do we do what we do?’ we realized that all of us at Bush Construction do what we do because integrity matters.” 

Our Because Integrity Matters philosophy focuses on finding new ways to grow and succeed by defining our business through actions, and not through words.

“Every single day, we are making decisions,” says Loss. “If at the end of the day, we are making those decisions through our actions and not through our words, and if integrity is at the core of our decision making process, we will always make the right decision—both for us and the client.”

In addition to integrity, the Because Integrity Matters campaign revolves around four key pillars to success including relationships, collaboration, innovation and drive.

“At Bush Construction we build buildings, but during the building process we also pride ourselves in building strong relationships with the entire project staff,” explains Loss. “Working together to achieve a common goal, and building great things is truly what we are all about.”

Over the past few years, Bush Construction has developed a few big initiatives to think bigger, better and smarter.

“Innovation is vital to our long-term success,” says Loss. “Completely changing our project management software system is just one example of our dedication to innovation, and has allowed us to better work with, and for, our clients.”

Bush Construction is excited to see what the future holds, and is looking forward to continuing our efforts of integrity for many years to come.

“It isn’t by mistake that our projects are successful,” explains Loss.” They are successful because we care to get the job done, and are committed to making a difference by building a strong company where integrity always matters.”