A Year of Innovation for Bush Construction

The year ahead for Bush Construction will be full of innovative strategies to promote internal and external communication, streamline the closeout process, and continue a commitment to integrity.

Bush Construction’s President, A.J. Loss, explained what the next year will bring. “Our recent strategic planning process generated initiatives that will help us improve the service we provide to our clients, enhance our closeout process, and improve our internal communication and training program,” he said.

Construction projects require time and energy far beyond the construction phase of the project. One of Bush’s goals in 2017 will be to take a new approach to closeout phase tasks.  It will start by facilitating better communication with the client during the pre-construction, construction, and close-out phase. 

Loss said, “We are going to take action steps much earlier during the project so that the closeout completion can occur in a closer proximity to the completion of the actual construction.”

Internally, Bush will update the training and communication program for new employees.  A formalized customer service training program, led by an external resource, will be held for the internal team.

“We are also going to improve our mentor program.  It will be the core of our training for new members of the Bush Construction Team,” Loss explained.  “We are taking a completely new approach to career development.”

Noteworthy Bush Construction projects in the community will continue in 2017. “There are a number of projects that have been planned for years.  They will finally get started in 2017,” he said. “We’ve spent months or years completing the pre-construction work and assisting with the financing on some key community projects.  We’re excited to see these important projects come to life.”

One largely visible project in the community scheduled to begin construction in 2017 is the work at Pleasant Valley High School.

“We’re honored to have been selected by this repeat client as the first contractor they’ve hired in the Construction Manager as Agent delivery method,” Loss said. “They looked to us to guide them through the process of how this delivery method can be beneficial for delivering school projects in the Quad Cities.”


Bush Construction was founded on integrity and is part of everything we do. Visit our website to learn more about our foundation of integrity, our services, and our projects.